Cut & Style

Your experience begins with a customized consultation, Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Conditioner and customized cut for you. Each of our stylist’s has their own signature cutting & styling techniques to help achieve your customized cut. Our stylist’s level pricing is below.

New Talent: $18+
Stylist: $20+
Artistic: $26+
Premier: $30+
Master I – III: $35-$50+

Formal Styles

Special Occasion’s call for Beautiful Styles.  Our Stylist’s are trained in formal styling for any occasion, each client has different needs for their hair, so our prices reflect on length, thickness & type of style.

New Talent: $40-$50+

Stylist: $45-60+

Artistic: $45-60+

Premier: $50-65+

Master I-III: $50-70+

Aveda Custom Colors



Want vibrant, fade-resistant color that improves the condition of every strand? Aveda full-spectrum™ hair color has you covered.  From permanent hair color services to glossing services, it’s hair color customized just for you for personalized results every time.  Additional costs for long or thick hair.

Color Retouch or 1 Color Dimension

New Talent: $65+

Stylist: $70+

Artistic: $78+

Premier: $80+

Master I-III: $90+

Full Foil

New Talent: $75+

Stylist: $85+

Artistic: $90+

Premier: $93+

Master Stylist I – III: $103+


Brighten your look with Balayage or Ombré – the subtle sweeping of hair color creates dimension through color, unveiling a customized look that is soft and natural. Balayage or Ombré is rich, beautiful color, applied with artistic placement to complement your natural hair growth patterns. Customization allows for a more natural regrowth, extending the time between color services. Finish it off with a glossing service to add shine and manageability to your hair!

New Talent

New Guest Balayge/Ombre $90+

Retouch Balayge/Ombre $80+


New Guest Balayge/Ombre $95+

Retouch Balayge/Ombre $85+


New Guest Balayge/Ombre $100+

Retouch Balayge/Ombre $90+


New Guest Balayge/Ombre $105

Retouch Balayge/Ombre $93+


New Guest Balayge/Ombre $120+

Retouch Balayge/Ombre $110+

Corrective Colors start at $90 per hour.  Consultation is required before services will be performed.

Texture & Conditioning

Perms – Add texture to your hair with a perm.  We offer basic perms and customized perms to fit your texture needs. Consultation required additional charges for longer length hair.

New Talent: $55-70 +

Stylist: $65-80 +

Artistic: $70-80 +

Premier: $70-90 +

Master: $70-100 +

Botanical Therapy Treatment Express Treatment – $15 +

Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment with Style – (45 minutes) – $45 +

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

While experiencing a facial at Penazz, an esthetician will choose the ingredients to help your skin type. Your esthetician may choose a mask to detoxify or hydrate your skin. By getting a proper analysis you will not only learn your skin type, but an esthetician will be able to create a facial experience that addresses your skin’s needs. Benefits of any facial include increasing cell metabolism to improve overall tone and texture, slowing down premature aging by using custom products, preventing wrinkles, increasing circulation and stimulation of the skin, and helping keep skin hydrated. Your esthetician will help soften the skin with steam, hot moist towels, and exfoliants all while choosing the combination of Aveda skin care products to best accommodate your skin.

30-Minute Facial – $35+

60- Minute Facial

New Talent – $40+

Esthetician – $55+

90 Minute Facial

New Talent – $50+

Esthetician – $85+

Add on Plant Perfecting Peel – $15

The Dual Exfoliation Treatment is Aveda’s latest advancement in non-invasive, skin-renewing treatments. Using innovative techniques, this treatment combines Aveda’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service that transforms and rejuvenates the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. In a clinical study, the Dual Exfoliation Treatment achieved better results than a combined microdermabrasion/30% glycolic peel treatment in both immediate smoothness and radiance, plus significantly better results in smoothness, radiance and skin tone one week later. Experience the rejuvenating power of plants and minerals to help skin to look and feel its best.

60 Minute Dual Exfoliation

New Talent – $70+

Esthetician – $85+

90 Minute Dual Exfoliation

New Talent – $85+

Esthetician – $100+

Massage Treatments

Customize your Aveda massage with deep tissue, stress fix, hot stone, pregnancy, or relaxation.

30 Minutes: $35+

60 Minutes

New Talent: $40+

Massage Therapist: $55+

90 Minutes

New Talent: $50+

Massage Therapist: $80+

Foot Reflexology – 45 Minutes – $45+

Nail Treatments

Manicure & Pedicure

This customized experience for hands and feet includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalized massage, customized exfoliation and treatment masque.  Add our OPI Gelcolor Polish services to your next manicure or pedicure.  Polish that lasts for up to 2 weeks.

Aveda Manicure …………………………….. $30

Aveda Pedicure ……………………………… $45

OPI GelColor Manicure – $35+

OPI Gelcolor Removal – $10+

OPI Gelcolor Polish – $15+

OPI Gelcolor Removal/Manicure & Gel Polish – $50+

French Polish/Polish Change/OPI GelColor Polish add on – Add $10



Professional Body Sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. Advanced Body Sugaring Epilation offers numerous unique and diverse benefits. With our sugaring technique and sugar paste formulation will extract the hair in its natural direction of growth. This eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells. Sugar paste is made with all natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and water.

Lip/Chin/Cheek – $15 each

Full Face – $40

Half Leg/Half Arm – $40 – $55

Underarm – $25

Bikini – $35+

Brazilian – $55 –every 4-6 weeks
New Guest Brazilian – $65+


Nufree is the waxing system we use. Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin, it melts at 98.6 degree temperature, so it is safe for all types of waxing. Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/ antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free. Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body. Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products. Please consult with your technician if you are on Retinol, Accutane or any other skin medications.

Lip/Chin/Eyebrow – $13 each

Full Face – $35

Full Leg/Full Arm* – $55 – $70

Half Leg/Half Arm – $35 – $50

Underarm – $20

Bikini – $35+

Back or Chest* – $55 – $70+

*Consultation Required

Eyelash Extensions/Makeup

Special Occasion Make-up – $45

Eyelash Extensions – Melissa has been lashing since Feb. 2018 and is still perfecting the art of lashing.  Our prices reflect our beginner training with extensions.  Consultation and consent forms are required before this service is started.

Full Classic Set- 3 Hours – $125 +

Classic Fill 60-90 minutes – $35

Classic Fill 90-120 minutes – $50